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Sunday, March 14, 2010

First derivative of US national debts (i.e. the speed of grow) is increasing

Only a year ago I posted this little script to show a growth of US national debts in real time. According to this article the speed of growth was about $42K a second.

As of today, the speed has increased to about $46K a second. Thus the acceleration is about $4K/sec over last year.

Back in November 2009 US was at $12T of debts.
At the moment of this writing (March 2010) the level of this nation debts is almost $12.6

Now boys and girls: with all power of American public education. can you tell me when the amount of your debts will hit $13,000,000,000,000.00 ? And what first derivative will be by then?

And this real-time detailed debt panel is fascinating, ladies and gentlemen!


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  2. My back-envelope estimations are: 10^2 years, 10^12$/second. Fascinating stuff happens when you assume exponential growth :)

  3. Knowing your background I assume your back-envelope calculations are quite correct indeed ;)