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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I wish I can draw like Scott Adams

Because this is a complete Dilbert strip. Please, Mr. Scott - make the next one like this? :)

I sweat - this is was the weirdest chat in my life (grammar and all that are original):

Me: Good morning ;)
A Person: no need to wink
AP: I don't like it
AP: not professional
Me: Am I winking?
Me: Interesting...
Me: sorry for the non-professional offense
AP: You emoitcons
Me: ah… I don't have any icons actually. It just looks like semicolon
followed by a parenthesis. Didn't know it is unprofessional. It
usually is in IT industry. In fact, it came from IT 
Me: Sorry, if you've found it weird or something. 
AP: just unprofessional.  Leave it at that.                          

Duh ;(

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