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Monday, May 28, 2012

LaTeX is cool and easy

Well, last week I was working on a document that needed to be neatly formatted and I didn't want to go with the usual chores with WISIVIG environment. Yes, I am a big fan of OpenOffice, but these guys have some drawbacks when it gets to the accurate representation of your work once printed.

Anyway, I decided to give LaTeX a try. I've been avoiding this thing since my time in the grad school: I thought it is crazy. a mess and hard to learn. Well, either I got much smarter in the last 20 years or Mr. Knuth is an incredibly clever person, or likely the both ;)

It took me about twenty minutes to get everything installed and running (thank you Ubuntu for packaging up TexMaker!) and the draft version of my paper neatly formatted. Well, I have spent another two hours polishing it to where I finally liked it, but this is beyond the point - I have high standards :)

Did I fell in love with Tex? No, I don't think so, but it turned out that programming your papers is fun and let you have a professional looking documents with ease.

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