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Sunday, June 17, 2012

HortonWorks is using BigTop: no more secrets!

As my former colleague John Kreisa nicely put in the HortonWorks 1.0 release announcement here (my warmest regards and best wishes to you guys!):
Those who have followed Hortonworks since our initial launch already know that we are absolutely committed to open source and the Apache Software Foundation. You will be glad to know that our commitment remains the same today. We don’t hold anything back. No proprietary code is being developed at Hortonworks.
And indeed. I have asked this questions about HortonWorks using BigTop to power up their platform offering some time ago and later pretty much repeated it in the form of comment to Shaun Connolly blog. To his credit, my question has been answered directly:
As far as BigTop goes, we at Hortonworks are using parts of BigTop for the HDP platform builds, so thanks for the efforts there!
I have meet the gentleman in person at the recent Hadoop Summit and we have a short yet nice chat about enterprise stacks and the role an open-source technology plays there.

So, it is time to put my initial question to rest as the fully answered one.

P.S. On a separate note: I have left a slightly different comment on Cloudera' blog. Somehow, the comment doesn't appear to be visible (at least I don't see anything but "2 comments" line) nor had it been answered publicly (again, perhaps, it has been but I don't see in on the page). In the Cloudera's defense I have to say that I got an answering email from one of their execs, which I can't publish for it was a private message.

Baby Hadoop on the balls. Well, just one ball, technically...

I think this is awesome, really ;) Warms my heart and all that!

Saturday WTF: I hope "the worst manager ever" seen this strip

While it isn't technically Saturday anymore ('cause it is already 2 minutes into the Sunday), it is totally belongs to my "Saturday WTF"

because there's no way to explain W(hy)TF the worst manager can't do better than 20 minutes? I am sure he can easily do 28 or ever 32!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mutt can work with non-standard imap servers

Thanks to sid-cypher I now can use my favorite mutt with screwed up imap implementations such as one from The trick to avoid forever "Login in..." is to set
  set imap_pipeline_depth=0
for the particular account. And here it is - works as a charm!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday's WTF: Hadoop certification for coffee grinders

This one just jumped on me out of nowhere
Now, W(here)TF is Cloudera? Don't they have any idea how to fix coffee grinders?